Set your goals and achieve them!

FitMe’s Exercise Mode helps you set everyday targets and achieve them.

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A calorie counted is a calorie lost

Get a detailed record of day-wise and activity-wise calories lost as well as the distance travelled.

iVOOMi FitMe at Rs. 1,999 Buy Now

Right on the Money

A high-tech fitness tracker that is a perfect example of bang for your buck.

iVOOMi FitMe at Rs. 1,999 Buy Now

Eat, Sleep &
Move Better

Fitness doesn't always mean you have to trudge to the gym or take up a fancy workout class. Walking, running or jogging has a tremendous effect on your health and fitness. Maximize every activity by monitoring, analyzing and tracking your progress. Features like All Day Activity, Sleep Monitor, running Mode and Notifications for call, message, social media updates help you stay on the go more efficiently.

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Should I Wear a Mask?

Pollution Tracking

FitMe informs you about the quality of air through the AQI (Air Quality Index) of where you live. You can check the AQI at any particular time of the day and use the information to plan the duration or type of your physical activity. Also, you can check the weather conditions across the length and breadth of India.






Keep your Ticker Up

Heart Rate Monitor

The built-in HRS3300 3D G-Sensor detects your pulse, measures your heart rate continuously throughout the day and creates a chart every 15 minutes. Now, make scientific and healthy exercise plans by analyzing your heart rate zones thus contributing to better fitness decisions.

Make Your Steps Count


Discover your perfect fitness companion. FitMe automatically detects and tracks the steps taken and the distance covered while walking, jogging, running real-time. You can also choose to set targets for each day’s steps and monitor it through your health band. After-all it’s the small steps that count to achieve the big fitness goals!

Track you Calories burnt

Calorie Count

With each step you take while walking, running and jogging the FitMe Health Band will record the number of calories lost as well as the distance travelled while performing this activity. Explore this section of the App to know more features; especially before you decide to indulge on your cheat day.

Sit Less, Move More

Sedentary Notification

Is sitting for long hours without moving a habit of yours? Break that with FitMe as it automatically detects extended physical inactivity and alerts you through gentle vibration to make a move. You can easily set the Long sitting alert duration through the app.

Good Health is also Good Sleep

Sleep Monitor

At night your body cycle goes through different sleep stages. FitMe provides a detailed breakdown of your sleep stages, quality of sleep and number of hours slept neatly presented through a wealth of fascinating data.

Stylish Design

The FitMe Health Band is a style statement with its sleek looks and chic display. Be it while following your exercise regime, at work or a party with the who’s who of your circuit – the Health Band will match your every mood and attire. Choose from a trendy Navy Blue and elegant Midnight Black Silicone TPU strap.

The Band is resistant to abrasion, performs at low temperatures, elastic and is suitable for all skin types. You can charge it directly plugging into a USB port. The screen is easy to read with an OLED Display of 128 x 32 Pixels Resolution.

Dive into Fitness

Splash/Shock/Scratch Resistance

An IP67 makes the health band water-resistant for 30 minutes. FitMe is also protected from dust, shock, and scratches;
your constant companion even under adverse conditions.

Stay Alert On-the-Go

and Alerts

You can view alerts of all the calls, text messages, social media updates right there on your FitMe Health Band.

Note: Accepting or rejecting a call or replying to messages is not available.

Charge Less, Gain More

Battery Life

Track your vitals all day and all night without the need of frequent charging. The 3.7V/90mAh Lithium Polymer battery gives an extended battery life. Typical usage time is somewhere between 3 to 5 days with limited usage.

Lasts Much Longer

Energy Efficiency

Work out the smart way. Equipped with low powered Bluetooth chip, FitMe is energy efficient as it minimises energy consumption. Achieve more with less energy wastage.

All Power to You

App Integration

Compatible with iOS 8.0 +, Android 4.4+.

Motivation is your best accessory. Set personal goals and monitor performance day-wise, week-wise, month-wise. Enjoy additional features like clicking photos, finding your phone, alarm, etc. Share daily targets and performance with friends and family and keep on motivating each other on the journey to fitness.

The App’s dual login feature allows your well-wisher to log in and access your account from any location simultaneously, thus giving you another reason to follow your daily regime.

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