From technology that’s ultra-modern to a design that’s classy and unique - the Titan powerbank defines innovation in every sense of the term. 
Crafted with ICI Technology 8.1 - this device stands out in the crowd and gives you the pride of owning a powerbank that’s the centre of attraction.


The Titan powerbank not only charges other devices in a jiffy but also protects them by smartly adjusting power output.

10000 mAh

The 10000 mAh powerbank, on an average, charges your cell phone in 85 minutes when single USB port is used at a time. It is equipped with a 2.1A charger and 5V; allowing it a time of 3 hours 50 minutes to get charged completely.

15000 mAh

The 15000 mAh power bank charges your cell phone in just 55 minutes when single USB port is used at a time. The time taken to charge this power bank is 5 hours 20 minutes.

It’s smart.
It’s beautiful.

The Titan Powerbank is a piece of beauty we’re sure you would have never seen before. It comes with a smart LED panel on the top that not only looks attractive but also indicates the charge left in your powerbank.

Between 71% and 100%, the LED lights will turn Green; between 31% and 70%, you will see Blue Lights and a low power between 1% and 30% will be indicated in Red.

Durability and Reliability Redefined

The Titan powerbank uses Lithium-Polymer battery for two primary reasons – deliver fast charge and keep the quality
of your device battery intact.

This ensures the battery remains healthy and you get the most of your gadget. Power up in Style as
the powerbank charges when you are on the go!

Get the
Type-C EDGE!

Titan 15,000 mAh powerbank comes with type-C charging.

Now you can enjoy

Power bank 15000mah Faster charging

Compatibility with
smaller devices.

for Multi-taskers

One at a time is old school. With the Titan powerbanks, you can charge multiple devices with its 2 USB ports and the additional Type-C charge is available in 15000 mAh model.

iVOOMi TITAN Powerbank Story

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